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Storage Requirements For Thermal Paper

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1. Avoid hot or humid environments

For long-term storage, store thermal paper in the dark at an average ambient temperature of less than 25°C and a relative humidity of less than 65%.
Thermal begins to develop colour between 60°C - 100°C and reaches applicable density at between 70°C to 120°C. The paper, however, displays similar signs of development under high temperature or high humidity conditions. If the paper is used continuously at temperatures of 40°C
or above for more than 24 hours, attention should be paid to the ambient temperature and humidity.

2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

The paper will become yellow if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. The printed image also tends to fade in direct sunlight.
The image tends to fade when left exposed to conventional fluorescent light for prolonged
periods of time. Therefore, printed-paper should be filed soon after printing.

3. Do not use solvent-type adhesives

Adhesives containing volatile organic solvents such as alcohols, esters, ketones etcetera, cause color formation.
Adhesives based on starch, PVA or CMC are harmless and hence recommended.

4. Avoid contact with plasticizers

PVC film contains plasticizer such as esterphtalate and prolonged contact reduces the image.
forming ability of the paper and causes printed images to fade as well. For storage, files and cases ade of polyolefins or polyesters are recommended.
Self-adhesive cellophane tapes might contain plasticizer, which cause the printed image to fade.

5. Others

Avoid direct contact with freshly developed diazo copying paper as it might induce colour forming on the surface of thermal.
Avoid direct contact with carbon and carbonless copying papers as these might reduce printability or cause the printed image of thermal to fade.
Human body fluids like sweat cause the printed image of thermal to fade. Please pay attention to proper paper handling.

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